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School Counselor

Roxanne Dingess, School Counselor
Students have the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Dingess on an individual basis. These sessions are private and confidential.  Information discussed by the student during these sessions will not be shared unless both the counselor and student feel it would be beneficial to the student, or state law requires that the counselor divulge the information.
Parents may contact Mrs. Dingess during school hours to discuss their child's progress or set up a meeting with their child's teachers. 


School Counselor Services

School Counselor Curriculum
The purpose of the school counselor curriculum is to provide all students at all levels with knowledge of normal growth and development, to promote positive mental health and to assist them in acquiring and using life skills. The counselors' responsibility is to organize and deliver the program by teaching or assisting in teaching classroom and group activities.

Individual Student Planning
Individual student planning consists of activities directed by the counselor that help all students plan, monitor and manage their own learning as well as their personal and career development. Students evaluate their educational, occupational and personal goals and by working on an individual basis or in small groups, develop immediate or long-range plans. 

Responsive Services
The responsive services component of the school counseling program consists of activities to meet students' immediate needs and concerns. These needs or concerns require counseling, consultation, referral, peer facilitation or information. This component is available to all students and is often student initiated through self-referral. However, teachers, parents or guardians or others may refer students for assistance. 

System Support
System support consists of management activities that establish, maintain and enhance the total school counseling program. School counselors use their leadership and advocacy skills to promote systemic change by contributing in the following areas: professional development, consultation, collaboration and teaming, and program management and operations.

School Counselor Calendar
August/September - School Success Month/Defining Sexual Harassment
Students will review study skills and other ways to help them be successful at ACMS. They will also define and discuss the issue of sexual harassment.

February - Celebrate Diversity/Promote Tolerance Month
Students will discuss stereotypes and ways that we are all diverse. They will learn ways to promote tolerance at ACMS as well as in our community.
October - Drug Awareness and Prevention Month
Students will learn about different types of drugs and how drugs are abused. They will also learn techniques to combat peer pressure. Eighth grade students will take the explore test.

March - Test Taking Strategies Month
Various test taking strategies will be discussed. Eighth grade students will be using their explore results in completing their four-year plans.
November - Bullying Awareness and Prevention Month
Students will learn how to identify and prevent bullying.

April - The Month of Your Future
Eighth grade students will continue their four-year plans.
December - The Month of Caring
During the month, students will discuss and practice random acts of kindness.

May - Academic Awards Month
During this month, we will be celebrating the academic success of all ACMS students.
January - Focus on Career Month
Students will take career and personality assessments and will discuss possible future careers.



Focus on Your Future
Use the following links to help you build a 4-year-plan for high school.

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Links for Students

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