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Students must be neat, clean, well groomed, and appropriately dressed at all times.  Students shall dress in a manner that conveys respect for the school environment and others around them.   Guidelines are as follows: 


SHIRTS/BLOUSES: Shirts or tops must cover the entire upper body, including the chest, shoulders, and midriff. NO tank tops, low-cut or plunging necklines allowed. Tops must NOT be sheer/transparent. 

GRAPHICS: Any clothing article or accessory which advertises alcohol, drugs, tobacco, illegal substance(s), political messages/affiliations, profanity, or any inappropriate/suggestive message may NOT be worn. 

PANTS: All pants, including jeans, slacks and leggings with rips, tears or holes must NOT show skin above mid-thighNo “sagging” will be permitted. All pants must be worn around the natural waistlinePajamas are NOT permittedNo chains hooked to pants or other garments will be allowed. 

LEGGINGS: Leggings may ONLY be worn with top wear that reaches to mid-thigh. 

SHORTS/SKIRTS: All shorts/athletic shorts/skirts must be fingertip length. Shorts/Skirts with rips, tears or holes will NOT be permittedNo “sagging” will be permitted. 

HEAD COVERING/HAIR COLOR: No hats, caps, bandanas, hoods, toboggans, sun visors or sunglasses will be worn at school, except for medical reasons as documented by a physician. Hair color, make-up &/or other accessories must NOT be a distraction to the learning environment as deemed appropriate by the faculty, staff, and/or administration. 

OTHER/ACCESSORIES/HANDBAGS: NO body art! Visible piercings are only allowed in the ears. Only clutch style handbags (pencil pouch size) are to be carried to class. For safety reasons, backpacks must be clear/transparent (although NOT required)Handbags/shoulder bags must be kept in lockers ALL day. Athletic bags must be taken to the coach’s classroom BEFORE school begins each morning.  


Large or heavy jackets/coats are to be kept in the lockers.  Students who are out of compliance with the dress code may receive a disciplinary consequence.  Repeated violations may result in an individualized dress code for the student and disciplinary action including, but not limited to, In- School Suspension. 


In matters of opinion regarding dress code, the judgment of the administration will be final.